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Tuft & Needle Mattress, Twin X-Large

The Tuft & needle is the new mattress manufacturing company. At the beginning, the company used to sell its mattresses online, but now also available in the offline markets. The product designs are recognized as the best mattress. These mattresses are now taking a good market share. They are ranked No.1 comfortable mattresses on the Amazon website.  Gladly, you can us Tuft & Needle Mattress coupon to lower the price much more.   If you are in a hurry, here the Product Page on Amazon.

Tuft And Needle Mattress

If you have just married and in search to buy the very first home furniture. Tuft & Needle Mattress is perfect for you and your partner. A very good choice indeed for the Tuft & Needle mattress is renowned for it is very comfortable, soft, and luxurious. You do not have to wander in the local markets looking for it, no, you can buy the mattress right from the comfort of home, order it online, no time wasted at all.  The tuft & Needle mattresses are made with care and the manufacturer believes proudly in the quality of its product.

Convenient Sizes

This product is available in various sizes,  namely: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King. The dimensions of the Twin XL are 39 x 80 x 10 inches. The mattress has a length of 80 inches, the width of 39 inches, and thickness or height of 10 inches. Its weight is only 56 Lbs.  Now, with these dimensions, you can easily imagine the comfort level waiting for you from this product.

Tuft And Needle Mattress Coupon / Comfort Levels

These mattresses have a high level of comfort, having the ability to adjust the weight of your body. By this, you have a sleep like you are floating in the air. The Tuft & Needle mattresses are composed of several layers. The top layer being 3 inches is a layer of poly foam. This layer is 2.9 pounds per cubic feet (PCF). This layer is for providing comfort, cooling, and support for the mattress. The lower layer is 7 inches and is meant for base support of the foam. The layer is 1.8 PCF. The layer provides the basic shape to the mattress in addition to the support.

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Availability, Quality, And  Warranty

The Tuft & Needle mattresses are manufactured in the United States. The mattresses are available at reasonable price. Over the past years, the company has improved its quality and the foams are based on the feedback of the consumers for delivering maximum comfort. As the quality of the mattresses is not compromised, the mattresses are also provided with a warranty. The mattresses have a warranty of 10 years. The warranty is not transferable but  covers only the original customer, i.e. you. The warranty is claimed only if the mattress is bought from the authentic seller or directly from the company. The warranty only covers the defects in the mattresses such as stitching unveiling, de-shaping, sag greater than ¾ inch in foam, splits or cracks and workmanship defects.

Consumer Responses / You!

The Tuft & Needle mattresses have been admired by the consumers across the globe. Most of the consumers are happy and satisfied with the quality and comfort of the mattresses. A customer T. King has mentioned in his review that he had come to know of the product through a blog post of his friend. He opted for buying the Tuft & Needle mattress and liked it a lot as the mattress is getting better with time. Kent Satterwhite stated that he is amazed at the firmness of the mattress. He rolls over all the night and sleeps like he is floating.

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