Best Rice Cooker Under $200

The Tiger JKT B18u-C

The Tiger JKT-B18U-C Rice Cooker is manufactured by Tiger Corporation in Osaka Japan. The company has produced kitchen appliances since 1923 when they started with accessible household items like glass vacuum bottles. But they later expanded into other cooking appliances such as water heaters.  This is one of the Best Rice Cooker Under $200.  If you are in a hurry, here the Product Page on Amazon.

This Tiger Will Provide You With Up To 10 Cups Of Cooked Rice

This Tiger Rice Cooker is designed and manufactured to be able to provide 10 cups of cooked rice and  keep it warm afterward. With a power rating of 1198 watt, this is not a problem and this appliance does make sure my freshly cooked food stays up at the desired temperature until I am ready to enjoy it. The dimensions of this product are: 15.2 by 9.8 by 11.3 inch and it weighs 11 pounds.

8 Different Cooking Programs To Suit Your Needs

With a maximum of  240f / 115℃ high-temperature steaming this ensures each and every customer every rice grain is cooked to a tasty and fluffy result. The complete cooking menu with eight (8) different functions includes  Plain,Ultra, Quick Mode, Brown and Jasmine rice, Flavor, Stickiness. It also features an oatmeal program, a 3 layer coated inner control, a stick spatula, a ladle and rice spoon. Combined with its own Custom Cooking Timer, I eat at the time I desire.       You can even put the rice in the pan right after you wake up, then set the timer, go to work, and when you get home, there will be food waiting for you, prepared in a healthy and clean way.

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Never Waste Time And Food With The Included Cups

I use one of the three (3) cups that are provided with this Rice-Cooker. So I do not have to waste time and energy when trying to find the right amount of food to prepare. Many different users of this product, including Japanese, are very happy to use this product, and just like me, they are using this product almost every day. Some users also claim that this Rice Cooker keeps the taste of rice like it’s meant to be when other rice cookers loose the taste of the food after preparing. And I agree on this, it is partly because of its specially designed cooking pan which makes sure the aromas are staying in the pan during the cooking process. This Rice Cooker does feature a retractable power cord, and together with the rest of its features make it a valuable application in my kitchen.

1 Year Of Complete Warranty On Your Tiger KMC B18U-C

Tiger corporation offers a complete warranty of one(1) year starting from the date that is printed on the receipt. Having a good warranty was a deciding factor for me buying this product. And it works.  When you have a problem, you can call their excellent customer service at every working day during office hours and after you have given them your receipt with the customer number,  you can go to your local store with your receipt and the store employees will help you. Since I bought this Tiger JKT-B18U-C Rice Cooker, I’m saving much time every day while I’m sure my food is prepared in a healthy and hygienic way.

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