Best Rice Cooker Brand

The Midea Rice Cooker from Midea – 12 Pre Set Multi Functional Energy Efficient Smart Rice Cooker with AUTOMATIC KEEP WARM (24 hour Delay Timer) and REHEAT Facility by MIDEA

This Automated Rice Cooker from Midea is made in Japan. The company started in 1934 with designing small household items like rice cookers and vacuum cleaners. This is probably the Best Rice Cooker Brand among many others on this site.

This Midea Rice Cooker is easy to store and use every day

This Rice Cooker uses a 900-watt heating unit and it measures 1-1/6 by 12.8 by 8-1/2 inches and I found the perfect permanent place in my kitchen and I use it every day . It is lightweight (9 pounds) and has a retractable power cord which is highly flexible so it can be stored easily if you want.  If you are in a hurry, here the Product Page on Amazon. 

It is easy to program and offers easy cleaning

Thanks to the easy to read LCD display one can choose one of the many functions to make sure one’s preferred food is served at the chosen time.  One customer stated: I usually put the ingredients in the cooker early morning, then I set the ‘Delayed Cooking Timer’ to start cooking at 6pm or at 7pm, go to my work,  and when I come home the unit has done its job and there is some perfectly cooked food waiting for me! It’s all so easy, I love it! The 1/8 inch thick inner pot is removable for easy cleaning and is coated with resin rather than Teflon for health reasons. So one cannot be afraid to get sick, due to the high temperatures while cooking, this way you can also be sure that the inner pan is clean and sterile.

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Best Rice Cooker Brand / Many different options for cooking with the Midea

You can cook the following foods in it:

  1. Pot Roast (a Must when you get this cooker). You can use the “Slow cooker High” option and cook it for 3 hours! But prior to that, you use the “Sear” option to “sear” the pot roast and then move to the next option. Hot and so delicious meals are guaranteed 🙂
  2. Chicken BBQ: One customer said: I did chicken breasts 4 of them with my spices and home make BBQ sauce, I selected “Slow cooker Low” option for cooking and it came out so amazing!
  3. Another affirmed: I cooked BBQ Ribs for the first time in my life… and it came out so good . I also used the timer since I was not sure what time I was coming back home. After the timer was finished it went on “Keep Warm” setting automatically . He added:

Since I bought this “kitchen-wonder”, I got very enthusiastic about trying new food and new ways of preparing it…I was always very picky about what to eat and normally eating similar things for a meal..but yes, I can say it transformed me from a ‘’being afraid to try new things person’’, into a “food-lover”, or even a ‘’foodie’’. I still have a long list of wishes and I want to prepare food with some other settings it has and make Soup, put on a big Stew, prepare Baby Porridge, and try some Quick Rice Cooking.

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Best Rice Cooker Brand / Midea includes a full year of free warranty

The warranty that comes with it is suitable for its purpose, free of charge for replacement of the unit until 1 year after purchase which is a great value! Don’t you believe this is a Must-Have kitchen Appliance? You won’t wait..eeee!

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