Amazon Echo Compatible Devices

Amazon Echo – Black/White

The Amazon Echo is the modern gadget manufactured by The device is actually a speaker that performs several functions such as playing music, answering question and controlling the smart devices. You might have heard of numerous contemporary voice controlled speakers. Amazon Echo is among contemporary hands-free speakers controlled by voice. The speakers are connected to the Alexa voice service for playing news, weather or sports reports and music etc. You just need to say the word “Alexa” to waken it up and it will respond to you immediately. Just one of the Amazon Echo Compatible Devices.   If you are in a hurry, here is the Product Page on Amazon.

Practical Size

The Amazon Echo comes in a compatible size. The dimensions of the speakers are 9.3 x 3.3 x 3.3 inches. The speakers are 9.3 inches in height, 3.3 inches in width and 3.3 inches in length as well. The Amazon Echo speakers are very easy to carry as its weight is only 37.5 oz. The specifications of the speakers include Wi-Fi connectivity. The Wi-Fi has a dual antenna and dual bands for faster connectivity and streaming. The speakers are capable of supporting 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi networks. The speakers also have Bluetooth connectivity. You can connect your device with speakers through Bluetooth to play any file on it. The voice control is not supported by MAC OS devices. The speakers have 2.5 inches woofer and 2.0 inches tweeter. The best feature of the speaker is its voice recognition. The speakers are capable of hearing you from across the room even if the speakers are already playing music or anything else.

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Amazon Echo Compatible Devices  / Amazing Design

The Amazon Echo has a cylindrical design. The top of the canister has two buttons for playing and muting respectively. The speakers also have a remote controller having buttons for different purposes such as stop, play, forward and reverse. The casing of the Amazon Echo speakers is made of plastic. The material of the casing is durable and long lasting. The Amazon Echo speaker can operate on devices of Android, Fire OS, and iOS operating systems. The Amazon Echo speaker are ready to connect to your Wi-Fi network. The box includes Amazon Echo speakers, power adapter and cable along with a guide to operating the speakers. The speakers are capable of throwing audio in 360º and audio flow is unidirectional.


The Amazon Echo speakers have a limited warranty of one year. The customers of United States also have an option of extendable warranty up to 3 years. The claim of the warranty of the speakers is subject to the use of the speakers. The warranty will be claimed if the speakers stop working without any damage to its casing. The warranty will be valid to claim if its Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity gives an error or another technical fault occurs. But there is no warranty for any damage that happens to gadget due to fall from a height or any water damage.

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Amazon Echo Compatible Devices  / Why You Must Own One

The Amazon Echo speakers are sold in many countries around the world. The internet based ratings of the speaker are high. However, the consumers have reviewed the gadget with a mixed response. Some of the clients have liked the speakers a lot while some have an opinion that the speaker’s quality will decline with time. Alex Smith mentions in his comments that it was a great purchase and well worth the money. The gadget is easy to use: its core activity, versatility, and usability – are of great quality. While Leanne states that the speakers are fun to use but the quality of its audio may decrease with time. Overall, I personally believe this is a great device that you deserve to check out now:

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